W. Green panel talk 1 - Ethical branding

The first edition will take place on June 18th and is all about Ethical branding..
June 18, 2024

Dear Members,

W. Green is hosting a series of intriguing panel talks at Fosbury!

Ethical branding is a type of branding in which a company prioritizes positive values, minimizing harm to the environment and following other ethical practices. Research shows that brand ethics are increasingly important to consumers.

Ethical brands pay attention to the impact their products (including services, production and manufacturing processes) have on the people and world around them. Overall, they aim to contribute to society in a responsible, sustainable way.

How do you integrate practices such as economic responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility but also; how do you function with true transparency and commitment to do the right thing at heart?


Willa Stoutenbeek - Founder & Creative Director W.Green


Kyriaan Barrow-Blanken - Brand & Content specialist
Specialized in Ethical Branding

Emma Vans-Colina - Creative, Brand Comms, Strategy
Copywriting & storytelling - Uber, ING, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Philips, Nike, Adidas

Talita Kalloe - Consultant Sustainable Storytelling
Sustainable Storytelling - Wrote a book ‘sustainable storytelling’ will launch July ‘24

The next editions will take place on July 9th and September 17th and will cover greenwashing and regenerative practices. More details coming soon!

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