Fosbury & Sons is a tribute to Mr. Dick Fosbury, who changed the high jump discipline forever. Like Mr. Fosbury, we aim to rethink something that is considered conventional.That’s why we started the renaissance of work. Fosbury & Sons is an exclusive membersclub in the heart of Amsterdam. A place where people love to go to every single day. We offer workspaces, meetingrooms, a curated Fosbury shop, event spaces / calendar, Art Exhibitions and an in-house restaurant; with high-end selected ingredients thoughtfully picked from the local greengrocer and Lindenhoff.
Prinsengracht Hospital, a 175 year old monumental building in the heart of Amsterdam.
Standing in front of the 45-metre wide façade, anyone would be in awe of this former hospital’s grandeur. Respecting the building’s old structure, we completely transformed it into an elegant exclusive membersclub.