Tip Of The Week - Hima Icebaths

A Hima icebath a day, keeps the doctor away...
December 7, 2023
Beulingstraat 21H, 1017 BA Amsterdam

At Fosbury, we've previously organized ice bath sessions and are completely confident in their positive effects. They offer a fresh mind, boundless energy, and a day filled with creativity and problem-solving skills.

Hima Icebaths is a studio, centrally located in Amsterdam, dedicated to ice baths and sauna. We provide a tranquil place where you can enjoy your ice bath and sauna in a easily accessible and affordable way. We enjoy helping everyone through their first cold plunge and are always around if you have any questions. We are convinced of the benefits it has on our physical en mental wellbeing and love to share this opportunity with as many people as possible. Come by and experience the benefits for yourself!Especially for Fosbury members, we have set up a great partnership!At your first session you will get 50% off and then we have an endless discount of 25% per session. (Use FOSBURY50 & FOSBURY25 on the website)

Book your session in the morning, during lunch or before you go home, anything is possible!

Finish your visit with a short session in the sauna and you are ready.

You can find the studio in the centrum; Beulingstraat 21H, 1017 BA Amsterdam