Masterclass ‘Create Your Personal Brandbook’

Christine Beijnen and Yeliz Çiçek join forces in the workshop ‘Create Your Personal Brandbook’.
April 26, 2024
Board Room, Fosbury & Sons

Together, they help you clarify your goals and dreams, start visualizing, and put it into practice by creating a vision board and a personal brandbook. A brandbook all about you, so you can start building your dream life, business, or new identity.

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What you'll do in this workshop:
- Learn visualisation and manifestation -
Create a vision board Make a personal brand-book -
- Take 2 High-End profile photos during a photoshoot -
- Write a powerful bio about yourself -

Christine is a manifestation coach specialized in manifesting intentions, defining identity, and creating attraction. With her practical book ‘The Formula’, she teaches how to clarify your dream step by step and start living it so it becomes your reality. In this workshop, she guides you through it, making your vision and goals clear.

Yeliz is a fashion journalist, media creator, and editor at large of Vogue Netherlands specialized in creating a new, stylish, and inspiring identity, establishing yourself as a brand and personality so more people can identify with you and follow you. She teaches you to write a strong bio about yourself, advises on your best portrait, and helps create a strong brandbook that will help you present yourself to the world.

When: April 26 or May 17
Where: Fosbury & Sons Board Room & Class Room
Price: April 26 (pilot) €700, May 17 €999
Time: 12:00-18:00