Fosbury & Dogs

Phot of your dog!
May 6, 2024
Lobby, Fosbury & Sons

Dear Members,

We love our four-legged friends at Fosbury, big and small,
chubby, thin, purebred or a mix, they all fit in and we adore them.

To give them some extra attention, our photographer will be present May 7 & 8 to take pictures of all the dogs. We'll capture a beautiful photo of your dog and would love to hear more fun stories about them. Where do they come from? What's their history? Our Photographer will be here for two days May 7 & 8 to take pictures
of all the dogs, so make sure to bring your dog to the office.

While we have your attention, here are some dog rules at Fosbury:
- Dogs are welcome as long as they behave towards members and other dogs.
- Please keep your dog on a leash.
- Always walk your dog before coming to Fosbury to prevent 'accidents'.
- Dogs should also be leashed in the garden, and the garden is not a potty area;
especially now that the garden is reopening, it's not pleasant for other members.

We hope to see you and your dog on May 6th or 7th at Fosbury. Our photographer will mostly be downstairs, so just approach me when your dog is ready for a photo!